Brand : Jeff Bridges

TRON The Original Classic (1982)

Keith |

Kids think they have it all

I saw this movie for the first time in a theater back in 1982/83. i then recorded off tv in 1989 and have watched it about 20 times since. i agree, the story is a little hokey at times but you have to look at the whole picture (no pun intended), it was ground breaking and innovative, kinda' like metropolis was in it's time. i don't have a dvd player (yet) so i ordered the video (brand new) and have watched it a few times. it gets better and better each time. i wish they would revamp it and re-release it again in 2002 for it's 20th anniversary. it sits right next to my other ground breaking videos (star wars, blade runner, toy story). my 7 year old loves it and asks many questions about the "olden days" know...pong and lunar lander. bottom line.....get this movie!

Myriah ann |

The original tron

Well, we can tell that this was an old movie, but a stellar one or it's time. it played well and we really enjoyed it.

Neil |

If you haven't seen this movie, there's something wrong with you

Seriously, go watch it. now. no excuses. if you even bothered to glance in tron: legacy's direction, watch this movie. it's a classic, it's beautiful, and it's even better with knowledge of computer science. cs majors, this movie is required to get your degree. most colleges won't put it on their fancy little list of requirements, but this is required.