Brand : TABASCO brand

Tabasco Beans, Spicy, 16 Ounce

Honestreviews |


I had these in a bloody mary in new orleans. at first i thought it was weird that they garnished their bloody marys with green beans. but whenever i took a bite of it, i was in love. they're crisp and spicy and delicious. i've probably bought about 7 bottles since i got back from vacation, considering they don't sell them here in san antonio, texas. for anyone who likes crunchy spicy pickles, i highly recommend tobasco spicy beans.

Jayehawk |

Amazing product

We had these beans in bloody mary's while in new orleans. amazing. we now know where to get them, so we can have awesome bloody mary's here in chicago. we have to make our own. no one here knows how to prepare a good bloody mary.

Thomas j kelly |

Buy these beans.

Me and the wife got a sitter and hit the pub on sunday. woke up the next day to my god awful children screaming that they were hungry or something. i don't really remember. the only thing that saved me was these green beans. i mean, i put them in a huge bloody mary and it really took the edge off. i got little gabby and james feed and they finally shut up for 3 minutes. long story short, don't have kids and buy these beans. edit: jeff i mean! my youngest is named jeff......