Brand : Charles Dickens

Tale of Two Cities

Daniel greenman |

Beautiful writing

I had thought of reading this book many times and am glad i finally gave it a read. i love a good story where you care about the characters. i also loved this book because i had no idea where it was going. it was not predictable like so many modern stories.

Kaitlin tate |

The characters are sweet friends or bitter enemies within a few paragraphs of ...

Classic dickens. the characters are sweet friends or bitter enemies within a few paragraphs of introduction and what happens in their lives is important to the reader.

Ray riddle |

An excellent introduction to charles dickens.

This was my first dickens book, and i must say, it was a good introduction, as it was really well written, contained suspense enough to keep me reading, and makes me want to check out more of his stuff. it's hard to write a review of this one without giving anything away, but i'll try. it starts out with "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times" but then proceeds in the first chapter to show no reason whatsoever for him to have written "it was the best of times". he makes me rather glad that i didn't live in those times, because everyone seems so fearful of the dark and of each other. keep reading however. dickens is merely setting the stage. there are a lot of characters he writes about, and it isn't really clear which ones are the actual main characters and which are merely side players. there's also a lot of stuff going on that doesn't seem to have anything to do with what you think is the main storyline. have patience. it all fits together by the end. this is a story of the french revolution, and madame guillotine plays a large part. as such, this is a rather horrifying book, but then, from my understanding, that was a rather horrifying time, and dickens is merely writing about the lives of people caught up in it. things will unfold and reveal themselves as the book goes on, and you will come to see just who the real villains are, and why. i had to read the last chapter twice, to really let the feel of it wash over me. amazing how the story works out, what happens to each of the characters, both good and bad, and those you're just not sure about. this is an ending you're not likely to forget. i highly recommend this book. five stars.