Brand : Jason Robles

Tale of a Devil: Book I

Lauren cerda |

Great read

A new favorite! i was instantly hooked by the fast pace, interesting characters, & movie-like fight scenes. instead of my typical “book hopping” behavior (hit a slow spot & start reading another story) tale of a devil held my attention from beginning to end- the couple steamy scenes certainly didn’t hurt. fantastic read, looking forward to seeing more from robles in the future.

Salmck. |

Excellent read!

I loved it! the story line is well paced and very intriguing, making it a hard book to put down. the fight scenes are extremely well written and detailed. i found myself instantly invested in the main character and eager to know the outcome of him and each character that crossed his path. these are the types of characters that leave a lasting impression.

Daniel l southerland |

Great book!

Everyone loves the rogue, the scoundrel, whose motivations might not be clear, even to themselves. baal is the classic roguish antihero, captivating in the same vein as "the man with no name". the tempo of the story is strong, start to finish, every fight scene a set piece, the characters engaging and believable. book one, you say? i can't wait for book 2...