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Tales from the Crypt / The Vault of Horror (Midnight Movies Double Feature)

Carolyn mantia |

Still scary

I saw this when i was a child and had fond memories of it being pretty scary, i was curious if my memory served me well. i was pleased to watch it and still get that uncomfortable feeling. scary doesnt have to be about the blood and special effects, these stories are still awesome, creepy and entertaining 40 plus years later

Jack-o-lantern |

It's all about the 'crypt' !!!

I love the original 'tales from the crypt' movie and have been waiting for a dvd release for years and years...and here it is, presented in a pristine and unedited transfer which exceeds all expectations, so i am one very, very happy amicus fan! the makers of 'tales from the crypt' managed to fully recreate the atmosphere, irony, and elusive combination of fear and black humor which were the hallmarks of the ec comics on which the film was based. it also epitomized the oft-imitated amicus trademark of the omnibus horror film, and is still the best one ever. when i first saw this as a child at a saturday matinee at my local movie theater, i thought i had died and gone to heaven, and have never forgotten it. it is still by far my favorite horror movie of all time, and i truly appreciate the fact that i can finally have it in my collection, as i will watch it many, many more times in the years to come. as for 'the vault of horror,' the less said the better. it is presented here, as many others have noted, in an edited version--and a horrendous hack job it is. funny how one of the key scenes which was destroyed in this edited version--the wine casket spigot which has been inserted into a man's neck and is dispensing his blood into a vampire's wine glass--can actually be (briefly) seen in the trailer for the movie (which is inexplicably presented in black and white) included on this disc! the bottom line for me, however, is the fact that 'vault' never did impress me when compared with 'tales,' and is really an inferior follow-up, edited or not. it just does not capture the ec magic as did the previous film, and is actually rather difficult to sit through--i found it quite boring ('vault' director roy ward baker was obviously not as inspired by the ec source material as was 'tales' director freddie francis). as a side note, amicus production's , another omnibus horror film made around the same time as these two, is far superior to 'vault,' and i would recommend this as an alternate companion piece to 'tales.' though i don't believe its segments were based on anything ec, it is lots of fun and my second-favorite amicus film. ( is available in dvd format--in a superb print--from dark sky films). i doubt that i will ever watch 'vault' again, edited or unedited, as it is vastly inferior to 'tales.' as such, i rated this package with five stars due to the fact that i finally have a clean, beautiful version of 'tales from the crypt' in my hands, and that makes this a great day! as for 'vault,' i watched it again, for the last time, then tossed it. this is all about the crypt, baby!

The 64/28sept20feb27 |

Awesome, this is art i don't understand how someone ...

Awesome, this is art i don't understand how someone can think up this stuff! my favorite that i read in an ec comicbook. one story the city were people that don't go out at night. this is a must have for any horror fan two movie in one they used up most ec storys and borrow from other ec tit;es. the main being tales from the crypt there are other books weird science and the vault of horror start a new line. come on hbo restart or use different stories from the otheter books.