Brand : David Bedrick J.D.

Talking Back to Dr. Phil: Alternatives to Mainstream Psychology

Jori nunes author of chocolate flowers |

As a former guest on dr.phil, i highly recommend this book as it is spot on, you will not be disappointed! jori nunes

As a former guest on dr.phil, i can understand and appreciate this book. i believe that most guest appear on the show for one simple reason and that is to get help as promised "this is going to be a life changing day!" but is it really and does this host really care about his guests? i believe this book will help give the viewer an insight in to the show from a physiological perspective. i am in the process of writing as a guest and want to thank david for writing this story, there's a lot of dr.phil fans and they deserve to know the reason for the show really is based on the ratings, not real life. jori nunes

Pranie |

Finally a heart centered view on therapy!

David's book is easy to understand and read. he compare's dr. phil's type of main stream therapy to a love/heart centered view, where it all serves. he doesn't throw the baby out with the bath water. if only i had had this type of help throughout my life. anyone wanting to understand themselves and others struggles will love this book. all therapists and mental health workers need to read this!

M martin |

Insightful reading to help build relationships

I would suggest that david bedrick's book, "talking back to dr. phil: alternatives to mainstream psychology" needs to be required reading for anyone interacting with people. bedrick's research and perspective goes beyond the psychology field to offer insight and developmental opportunities for many occupations and fields, i.e. human resources and organizational development professionals, religious occupations, coaches, leaders, human services, etc. written using easy-to-read stories and compelling research, bedrick pin-points with laser accuracy the importance of seeing how cultural and mainstream judgments hinder our society. as our communities and relationships struggle, this book offers relief from our own constraints. these constraints start with an individual's soul and impacts families, communities, and our society as a whole. his love-based approach offers a new path that could ultimately erode the polarities that exist today.