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Tansu: Traditional Japanese Cabinetry

Andy barker |

The ultimate resource on japanese antique chests

If you're thinking of purchasing a tansu or already own one and want to know more about it, this is the book to have. it covers everything from the history of these unique pieces of furniture, to the materials used in their construction, as well as providing tips of how to select, refinish, and care for them. truly a scholarly work. but perhaps the best part of all is the book's exquisite photographs showing outstanding examples of tansu from all regions of japan. you can't help but drool when seeing them.

Martin peek |

Tansu history and form

This book is a great long afternoon read when you want to break away from the workshop. for me, the historical influences on tansu were the most interesting. beautiful images and thoughtfully written. i would recommend this book to any curious woodworker or japanophile.

Mark decou |

Tansu book is great

This book was exactly the information i needed to help design a new stair step tansu cabinet that was both historically accurate, and modernized for today's homeowners. the history of the cabinet style, the construction, the joinery, the hardware, and the finishes used were well laid out in the book and easy to read and understand.