Brand : Nancy Harvey

Tapestry Weaving: A Comprehensive Study Guide

Chefner |

Get past the first couple of pages and you are hooked!

I took one brief look at the black and white pictures on the first few pages and thought , "this is going back". then i sat down and just took a look and and i was hooked. this is a must have reference book for the experienced tapestry weaver and great for the beginner. although most of the study pictures are b & w it works just fine. there are some color pictures too but color isn't really necessary for the study portion. as one of the other reviewers said ms harvey tells you why you do things. i have missed that in the few classes and books i have had or read. i am a former floor loom weaver years ago, who walked away from my passion when a major shift in my personal life occurred i am now weaving again focusing on small format tapestry with mirrix looms so i do have some knowledge of weaving. i also have kirsten glasbrook's book which has great color but more simplistic and not the reference book that this is. i would recommend both.

Cloud |

Truly comprehensive!

I have read most of the tapestry-weaving books in print or in my local university library and this is the one i turn to when i have a question. nancy harvey does a fantastic job of teaching the art and method of tapestry weaving from construction of a basic frame loom, to cartoon design, to finishing techniques. the book has good b&w illustrations and photos of the lessons, although larger photos would have been helpful-more like the wonderful color close-ups in kristen glassbrook's tapestry book. there are several teaching designs included in the book that are a pleasure to weave. harvey's lesson on how to weave a circle is priceless as i have not seen that technique so well covered in any other book. the color photos included in the gallery illustrate a wide variety of weaving styles and are inspiring. i would especially recommend this book for intermediate weavers who are ready to progress beyond the lessons in kristen glassbrook's excellent book.

Sharon hamilton |

Weavers perspective

I have explored many resouces for a good example of how to design and utilize a cartoon. ms. harvey gave wonderful examples and a variety of ways to use the cartoon from design to final product. it was most helpful for a jack loom weaver. must have for the "designing" weaver.