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Tarot Theory and Practice

J. gan |


I really enjoyed this book. i borrowed it from the local library after finding it here on amazon and wow! i think the information is wonderful, particularly how the author integrates the tree of life and astrology references with the meaning of the tarot cards. as a novice i feel this book did an excellent job in helping me understand the major arcana, planetary, and tree of life meanings (i'm still going through the book right now and am going through the minor arcana section) in a way that i will remember very well. (i have read a lot about planets and the information always escapes my memory, but this time i think it will stay because the context it was given and the relation to life stages). i also like how the author offers the area of the body that would be incorporated in the particular card/sephirah. i would highly recommend it and having borrowed it for almost 2 months in the library, it is a book i would consider having on hand (as i found myself taking a lot of notes from it!), especially if you are just exploring tarot. what i also like about the book is that the author makes it clear that the interpretations are just one perspective. i find this always to be of great value when a writer says this because the fact is, they are only guidelines based on that person's experience, and ultimately, you need to go with your personal gut feelings about readings and cards.

Shaun mcparland |

Welcome addition to tarot resources

A welcome addition to my tarot library. this is a refreshing and productive perspective on the tarot and well worth taking time to read. in a clear way it expresses how we may use the tarot and the steps to become accomplished in doing so. highly recommended for purchase. shaun

Kay baker |

Most comprehensive exploration of the tarot i have experienced.

Much of what i would say about the uniqueness and relevancy of this book has already been covered well by other reviewers here. personally, i can testify that i have become a much improved student of tarot since studying this course (for that is what this book is), i will mention some points which in my opinion make this book so helpful. the author mentors the reader through the enigma of tarot using thorough exploration - her unique teaching style - which works very well for me as it feels she is sitting beside me talking me through the lessons. ms de angeles is concise, clear and leaves no stone (or should i say card) unturned. using years of experience, the author has drawn upon wisdom gained from dealing with unexpected situations that can and do crop up during a reading, such as appearance of spirits who know the client and may have a message. the reader is taught ways of managing these occurrences and more. buy this book and you will learn effective communication techniques, how to provide structure for your readings, boundaries; confidentiality, using common sense; basically all you need to know should you decide to take up the vocation of tarot reading for the public at large, or not. in conclusion, ms de angeles not only takes you on an enjoyable, comprehensive and fascinating journey through the meaning and magick of each card in the tarot in a way i can guarantee you have never been taught before. she also includes invaluable advice on maintaining objectivity, staying aware of your own motives and keeping on track, and you will enjoy yourself in the meantime!