Brand : Doris Kearns Goodwin

Team of Rivals

Judy l. jones |

Team of rivals: the political genius of abraham lincoln

An incredible addition to my audio book collection on abraham lincoln, but sadly is abridged, although i think it covers most of the bases. it gives a really good insight as to just how incredible abraham lincoln was.

Anne |

A remarkable read!

This book was instrumental in president obama's bit for the white house. both story tellers, with tremendous ethics and appreciation for what is right. obama and lincoln leave legacies which reinforce the greatness and fortitude of the united states.

Kevin carder |

A book that belongs to the ages

This is the best biography i've ever read and likely ever will read. the beginning seemed slow but i came to realize that every page was necessary to complete the whole of this masterpiece. by the end, lincoln will not only be your favorite president, but one of your favorite human beings of all time, and you'll openly weep over his death as you shout, shout the battle cry of freedom!