Brand : Thomas A. Jacobs

Teen Cyberbullying Investigated:: Where Do Your Rights End and Consequences Begin?

Susan bowman |

Teen cyberbullying investigated

This book is a great resource for schools that are taking an active role in bully prevention. i think all faculty should read it and discuss an action plan to take to prevent bullying of all kinds. this resource along with bullycide in america would be an excellent kick off to an anti-bully movement. great resource! i highly recommend it! susan bowman, ed.s., lpc

Jon d. wiley |

Teen cyberbullying investigated

Judge jacobs explores the most contemporary issues of our everyday lives; texting, sexting, the internet and social networking sites. compelling yet easy to read, the judge breaks it down for parents, teens and educators to provide a format for communications. "think before you click". judge jacobs examines actual court cases thanks to the brave kids and families who allowed their stories to be told. this is an important subject. read the book and save a life.

M. l. edwards |

Great easy read

This book was an amazing resource for my school law class. it was an easy read, and i was able to finish relatively quickly. it would be a great read for teachers in middle and high schools so that they can gain a deeper understanding of the affects of cyberbullying. it is written for a younger audience but is a great discussion book for any age- middle school to adults.