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Terminator 2 [Édition Ultimate - Tête de Terminator]

Doc savage |

I'll be back! the big guy is back as the bad guy!

This copy was a gift to my grandson who is starting to enjoy some of the classics by arnie "terminator" schwarzenegger! {lol} he said he had never seen the original movie and i let him watch terminator 2 before the holidays. the original is still unique in a good series.

Brett benner |

Overwhelmingly thorough

This is the must have disc for anyone wondering what the hype is over dvd. artisan has done a bang up job on this ultimate edition, which contains both the original theatrical version and the special edition which has multiple deleted scenes. the menu screen alone is exhaustive and imaginative, replicating the interior of the cyberdine. every aspect of the film is covered extensively from preproduction through marketing of the film with interviews with the cast and crew. there's also a "making of" the t2-3d attraction that's housed at both universal studios in hollywood and florida.-no video here, simply pictures and text. the dvd also comes with a booklet (much needed to break everything down) that has chapter listings for both the original and special edition, and a collectors metal slip case that wraps around the case. the movie, after almost ten years, holds up really well, with the special effects still something to marvel at. even the thx opening has been "terminatorfied". if you're on the fence about it, trust me, it's worth every penny. it's too bad all dvd's weren't approached with such care. although if they were,there'd be no reason to leave the house.

Amazon customer |

Finally done right!

I've been waiting for this movie to come out on blu-ray for quite some time. i was hesitant to buy it due to some of the reviews i read on amazon about the other version(s). when i finally read the reviews on this version, i bought it right away. the picture is great for a movie made back in '84! it almost looks as good as t2 when it first came out. the sound is better than i thought it would be. if you're a die hard blu-ray buff and like to be real picky about the quality of 30 year old movies working on 21st century technology, then you'll probably lose some sleep on this one. but for the rest of us, it's a winner!