Brand : TerraLUX

TerraLUX TLE-6EXB MiniStar5 140 Lumens, Led Conversion Kit for 2-3 Cell C&D MagLites (2 Pack)

Gary j. allsebrook |

Pricey but well worth it

This is a great kit for updating a maglite. installs in seconds, much brighter, won't burn out, much longer battery life. a little pricey but a better deal than those cheap led flashlights with unreliable switches and battery holders.

Courtney s. putnam |

Way better than a xenon bulb!

Significantly improved my maglite. really, really like this item. always looking for ways to move away from incandescent bulbs. you won't be disappointed. very bright and reflects well in the original housing. sometimes that doesn't always work. in this case it does.

Rail bum |

Off to a good start

Batteries were 30% expired when i installed this lamp. flashlight came back to life so to speak. early indication are this will be a good investment if the lamp life is as good as advertised. i could not see buying a new flashlight if the old was still good mechanically.