Brand : Mr Oisin Michael Hughes

That I May Die Roaming - Third Edition: 34,000 Miles through the Americas on a Motorcycle (Not Dead Yet) (Volume 1)

Deftoner |

Great book!

Great book. excellent to to have a virtual tour... or to push your dreams to make it true, and hit the road for yourself.

Longhaul |

Must have read for those that enjoy long distance motorcycing.

Really a good read everyone that rides long distance on a motorcycle should have. it goes through the mental and physical aspects of riding very long distances. this was done by an everyday kind of guy that i learned to admire for having the courage to give this a go without any support, or riding partners knowing he may never again have the chance to an epic ride again. well worth the money i spent on it even as i prepare for my own epic ride with limited funds.

Amazon customer |

Great first person review of an amazing journey

Great first person review of an amazing journey. every motorcycle trip is different, but this book gives you an excellent idea if the challenges you'll face. if there is one thing to take from this book it is this; get out there and ride!