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The Adhesive Duck Deficiency

Karenann |

Love "the big bang"

We have never been fans of sitcoms. this was recommended to us by a friend and to appease her, we watched an episode a couple years ago. after that, we became hooked and looked forward to watching it each night since several episodes run back-to-back each evening. we decided that we needed to own each of the seasons as they came out so we could see them in their intended order. the individual characters are lovable in their own way and i love the fact that they included a character with selective mutism. our favorites are sheldon and bernadette (she is introduced in a later season), though the series would not be the same if any one of them was phased out of the series. the storyline continues to develop nicely and it hasn't reached the point of becoming stale any time soon. the series is geared toward a mature audience. i would recommend this to anyone looking for a well-developed group of quirky characters.

Holly |

Best show out there currently

Watched seasons 1-5 on dvd since my family was late becoming aware of this wonderful show. we just finished watching this season (3) for the third time tonight and it is still outrageously funny. the humor is incredible and the writing is very witty. while there is more sex than would be appropriate for younger children, the show appeals to all generations and both genders. very, very funny. there are episodes in this season that are laugh-out-loud hysterical even this third time through. definitely one to buy so you can enjoy it over and over again.

Girlfriend recommends |

Laugh out loud funny!

Our whole family loves this hilarious ensemble comedy show. sheldon is an eccentric physicist with nobel prize potential and limited social skills. his roommate, leonard, is a run-of-the-mill genius by comparison; also brilliant, but self-aware enough to know there is more to life than physics research. their social group is rounded out by raj, another physicist who is to shy to talk when women are present (unless he has had a few drinks) and howard, the mere engineer of the group. these four friends are fairly content to watch science fiction films, collect action figures, and chase girls unsuccessfully . . . until they meet the girl next door (literally), penny, the aspiring actress and "dumb blonde" who can teach these four brilliant scientists a thing or two about enjoying life. the characters are all likeable and relatable in their own ways and mostly nice to one another. you might think these characters are over the top, but i have met enough geeks to know that people like this really do exist . . . and really are entertaining. fun for the whole family; we haven't yet seen an episode that didn't make us laugh out loud!