Brand : Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Teesa rossman |

Fun classic

Classics like this should be read by everyone. kids and grown ups should both have the chance to experience the creativity and joy that are locked up in books like this.

Gordon gruver |

It's a classic. what else can i say? ...

It's a classic. what else can i say? for the "politically correct" individuals reading this, the language is acceptable for the time period it was written. i offer no apologies as i do not believe in "correcting" history. it is what it is and accurately portrays that period of our nation's history

Beachbum59 |

Tom sawyer

I really enjoyed reading this book again, after many decades! though it is a story about boys ... perhaps for boys ... mark twain was a master story teller. i recommend this book for all readers! it remains a well-written tale ... dbr