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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Dover Thrift Editions)

Dai-keag-ity |

I think it would amaze twain that this novel is now controversial

Huck finn is a delightful tale that parts the curtains of time and describes the culture of the pre-civil war mississippi river towns. i don't imagine anyone can find much fault in the story of a man's efforts to achieve his liberation from slavery in the company of a colorful wild boy, nor can anyone but a mental clod fail to find twain's keen prose masterful, so i will take a stab here and cite the frequent use within the text of what we in our time define as a racist word as the cause of so much of the puzzling backlash against this american classic. i'd suggest that anyone who cannot understand context needs to better his or her education, and anyone who does grasp a word's use within a context should comprehend the placement of offensive word in question. secondly, i would point out that we cannot sanitize the past or impose the fluid morals of our own age on it: at best we can only censor what we find objectionable in ages that came before our own, and in that we begin a descent down a slippery slope of lies. consider this: in a future age words we use daily and without an implication of cruelty or slight might come to be viewed as indecent. suppose the word "dude" were to take on an obscene tone in the lexicon of the 22nd century. funny, sure, but it's a good example of how times change and so do mores. twain was not trying to demean a race by use of an epithet. so i hope this wonderful novel by one of america's brightest literary giants stands uncensored and available in libraries across our nation for many lifetimes to come. to lose sight of the brilliance of this fun, transporting book over a word we see now as derogatory is to cheat ourselves and our progeny of a fine literary adventure.

Ann ballard |

Will not recommend. this gets a thumbs down

This was very disappointing. was not what i exspected! will not recommend. this gets a thumbs down! amy

Brad nuemier |

The prince and the pauper

Tis is an awesome book. mark twain has yet again created realistic characters and has a great plot. a must read for kids and adults alike!