Brand : McKayla Schutt

The Alpha's Christmas Gift

Tashia jennings |

Highly recommend

An enjoyable christmas read for paranormal romance lovers. wolves have christmas wishes too. kelly, eldest of her siblings, just wants to keep her sister and brother safe. to do so she has to get away from her abusive stepfather, ken, the alpha of casper pack. kelly has been his personal punching bag since her mother had passed. brad is the alpha of the pack next to casper. he, too is the oldest of his siblings. brad became alpha after ken (casper ' s alpha) killed his father. brad has revenge in mind for christmas. when kelly and brad imprint on each other things change for everyone. fast paced read with action, chemistry, and heart. must read.

Liz |

The alpha's christmas 🎄 gift 🎁

This is the 1st book i read by mckayla schutt. i loved ❤ this book's story line. i loved ❤ the hot & steamy scenes. i loved ❤ kelly's character. i loved ❤ kelly's bravery. my heart broke 💔 for kelly. i loved ❤ brad's character. i didn't like ken, he got what he deserved. i loved ❤ the ending. this was a nice short, christmas 🎄, paranormal to read. awesome job ms. schutt."i received a copy for an honest review."

Victoria b. |

This is a cute little short story.

This is a cute little short story. this story takes place about eight months before the authors imprinted series. having not read the imprinted series yet i was able to read this book without thinking of them as the characters from her other book. this book has just enough background to understand where the characters are coming from. there is the perfect amount of romance, action and suspense for a short story. i would recommend this book to anyone that likes shifters.