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The Art of War

Darby |

Required reading at many military colleges around the world

Written in approximately 470 bc, the art of war is a taoist treatise on martial and political philosophy ... one of the most famous ever written, and one of the most often quoted. the fact that it is still popular and well quoted, after more than 2,000 years, should say something about its timeless qualities. it's composed as a list of terse, keen and ingenious observations, sayings, and maxims ... with various translators over the centuries each adding their own interpretations and commentary. there's something on almost every topic ... from siege planning, use of formations & maneuvering, the virtues of adaptability and cunning, speed, the use of positioning & terrain, disinformation and the use of spies, etc. the author's advice spans both low level tactics ["do not stop an army on its way home" {brad: because they'll be more likely to fight to the death} ... "a surrounded army must be given a way out" {brad: channel their retreat into a killing zone of your own creation}] ... and high level strategic thinking ["a superior militarist foils enemy plots without the need to fight; the next best {strategy} is to ruin their alliances; next {best strategy} after that is to attack their armed forces; worst {strategy} is to beseige their cities"] it's required reading at many military colleges around the world.

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Everyone in the military, civilian business sector, as ...

Everyone in the military, civilian business sector, as well as mentors and coaches should read this book. the information relayed in this book can, and should, be implemented throughout all aspects of leadership training.

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Excellent multivariate tome

Genesis of strategic thought as applied to warfare; tho, as warfare teaches, its techniques are applicable to literally all of the considerations in life. this assemblage while recognized as one of the best of these ancient writings seems to get caught up if not in its kudos its own bit of narcissism on and in the process of how one goes about creating an accurately transcribed and translated version of ancient text for use in the modern world. author tho does seem to have done a stellar job nonetheless. a quickly and easily read book with many off shoots as the associated web site demos.