Brand : Sun Tzu

The Art of War (Chiron Academic Press - The Original Authoritative Edition)

Mary anne mccrea |

A jewel for business and personal strategy

My brother recommended this book to me stating that "it had changed his life". not a overstatement when dealing with the gems within this book. everything can be related to your personal life or to your professional life. exceptional business strategy as well as book of wisdom.

William j. best |

Perfect from a simple style

I find sun tzus approach to be a smart and possibly a more simple approach to warfare..his approach has a lot of the basic human hunter style tactics in it.. an out standing read for anyone interested in self defense or modern warfare..its a win win in my eyes iuv his no lose approach..

R. middlecoff |

Required reading

This is a timeless writing that can be applied to all aspects of life - not just the philosophy of waging war. it was, and i suspect still is, required reading in squadron officer school for the air force.