Brand : Paramahansa Yogananda

The Autobiography of a Yogi

Donald castellano-hoyt |

From the source

There's nothing like reading what the master wrote the way he wrote it. this reprint includes the additional 49th chapter from the 3rd edition when master was still alive. regardless of self-realization fellowship's attempts at revision of history 1) that they were 'founded' in 1920 (they were incorporated by the master in 1935); 2) that master's commentary on the bhagavad gita required 40+ years of editing before srf published it in 1995 when in that 49th chapter master clearly states that his gita commentary "god speaks with arjuna" had been published in 1951 [her "holiness" tara mata sat on it and intimidated daya ma from challenging her about the matter]; and 3) srf refuses to acknowledge that establishing world-wide brotherhood colonies of believers and practitioners of kriya yoga was one of master's main ideals, when in that 49th chapter master clearly states that 'world wide colonies' are among the 84 srf centers that had developed in the six years since the original publication of aoy. this edition, by crystal clarity publishers, is a welcome addition to the treasure that is master's gift to the world.

John bowdle |

East meets west

A perennial hit. yogananda blends hinduism and christianity together flawlessly. discusses kriya yoga as the basis for meditation. i can't wait to read the rest of his books. for lessons and other printed materials, go to the self-realization fellowship website. if you get a chance, see the new movie out entitled "awake" about paramahansa's life. it's very good. namaste.

Swavek zielinski ( |

The true second coming

I spent my freshman year at the college of new jersey reading huston smith's world religions in an attempt to prove the existence of god, with no success. at the outset of my sophomore year i made a declaration to solve all of jesus's parables, hoping they can help me. i made this decision with such intensity that i stayed up many long nights analyzing the gospels. the 'next week' i picked up and read autobiography of a yogi. i have never read any literature on yoga before in my life and never intented to, so i find it miraculous. the book reveals the true second coming of jesus christ-the christ-consiosness (that is why it was first published in a blue cover -1946). the single most important book ever written.