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The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 1) by Lemony Snicket (2003-09-23)

Allycin~12 |

Beat out harry potter by a trip to the moon and back.

-it starts with violet, klaus, and sunny. they are all very creative. i have no idea how everything got so terrible for them. i can't believe that a house fire could make their lives so misrable. -for example, cooking for count olaf and his drunken crew, chopping wood for no apparent reason, almost marrying your worst nightmare, and watching their baby sister sunny dangle out of a forbiddon tower. i wouldn't be able to stand it. -it would have been much nicer living with their neighbor. i have read the books up to number 4. i think that they have beat out harry potter by a trip to the moon and back. alison

Cmb4062 |

Lemony snicket is superb, a word which here means awesome!

Wow. i can not say enough of these unfortunate novellas, a word which here means short books for children. i started reading these books while anxiously waiting for the next harry potter book to be released, a word which here means finished and published, and i read all eight books in a week and the unauthorized autobiography and couldn't put them down. the unique and "old" style of writing make these books a very interesting read and the terrible villian, count olaf, the brilliant children, and the unfortunate events make them a pleasure to read. if you have any sense, you will buy them and read them, and enjoy them... (i am going to die waiting until october for book the ninth!)


Realy cool

Three children become orphans when their mother and father die in a horrible fire. mr. poe is a banker and he must make sure that the children are taken care of so he brings them to count olaf, their third cousin four times removed or their fourth cousin three times removed. they have to live under his care and all he wants of them is there fortune, so he plots an evil plan to marry violet, the orphans oldest sister. this book was great! it was like no other book i have ever read. this book took me two days to finish. the ending was very different from other books you read about. if you like happy endings don't expect one in this book.