Brand : Nicholas Sparks

The Best of Me. by Nicholas Sparks

Diane miller |

Spark's best

This book brought me to tears. i can't remember when a book has done that to me. i have read all of his books and i like this one the very best by far. thank you, mr. sparks.

Christine |

Great love story.

I love all nicholas sparks books. the best of me was a great love story. i saw the movie preview and bought the book same day. had to read the book before going to see the movie. it really touch my heart with so many different emotions. even though i love this book, i was a little disappointed. it's way different from the movie preview. i was expecting something different.

Missy |

The best of me

This book is totally nicholas sparks. it's one of his better writings. i couldn't put it down. i definitely suggest it to everyone who is tired of the same teenage story plots out there today.