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The Bone Tree: A Novel

Liz barnsley |

One of my favourite series.

We are getting very close now to the finale of the natchez burning trilogy (actually containing books 4, 5 and 6 of the penn cage series) i have been devouring these as they come out although i've only just realised that i never reviewed this anywhere when i read it last year i simply read it. sometimes that has to be what its about! onto the bone tree then and i’m not going to say much about it because i’m sure some people are yet to start this and i don’t want to give too much away. suffice to say it is a direct continuation of the explosive events in natchez burning, following penn as he tries to save his father from a murder charge, keep all those he loves alive and still dig deep into the clan and unspeakable deeds. greg iles is such a brilliant and insightful writer, who with this trilogy is really digging into a readers emotional responses, especially when examining the father/son relationship – penn has always looked to his dad for moral guidance and to find that his life is not entirely an open book is hard for him. even harder when he is surrounded by truly evil men – the historical aspects of this. blending fact and fiction, are genuinely heart stopping, examining a time in history that still resonates. i really can’t speak highly enough of this series, not just the first two books in an ongoing story, but the ones that came before. if you havent yet taken a look at them then i can’t say anything other than highly recommended that you do. bring on book 3. that is one reading weekend i simply cannot wait for.

Vickie martin |

Greg iles is a great writer!

Enjoyed the bone tree lots! it's been a great read. iet him on his book tour at the alabama booksmith. a total of 6 books in this entire series. loved them all. i can recall the 60s. the 16th street baptist church was bombed in birmingham al on my 11th birthday :-(

Ginger devinekindle customer |

Greg iles bone tree

This book will stay with you page by page. it is a long story written by an outstanding author. it comes alive as though you are there it has mystery love hate every emotion you will be there. a book not easy to put down even to sleep.