Brand : Jack London

The Call of the Wild And White Fang

Dave payne |

One of the greatest stories of all times

One of the greatest stories of all times...a true yarn of survival during a brutal time in our history...where real men were battling against the elements with their trusty canine companions....have read well over 10 times...excellent

Nicole irwin |


One of my favorites of all time. a classic. it is told through the eyes of the wolf and how life was for sled dogs during the gold rush in alaska. given the time in which it was penned, this story touches on animal cruelty in a way that is neither preachy or tragic.

Toodlestoot |

Loved it!!

Very interesting. i never wanted to stop reading it. it would be awesome if there was a part two where it takes the rest of the life of white fang then goes to the life of one of the female pups that goes back to the woods and lives her life as a wolf. now that would be cool.