Brand : David Hugh Jones

The Christmas Wife

Rama rao |

Christmas on golden pond

This is an excellent christmas classic starring jason robards and julie harris, and brilliantly directed by david hugh jones. the story is about a widower named john tanner (jason robards) who uses an escort service to find a christmas companion with the stipulation that the woman must be about his age, and they sleep in different bedrooms, at a service fee of $500. the service provider (don francks), since his assistant is gone for the holidays, and he doesn't have access to the file, promises to provide him with a list of names to choose from. when john tanner is called by the agency to meet the service provider at a hotel guest area, tanner is reluctant but agrees, and then he learns that the woman named iris (julie harris) wanted to see him incognito from a distance before she wants to go with him. eventually the two meet and set a date and time to be picked up at a local bus stop and then drive to the secluded family cabin next to a lake. iris is beautiful, about the same age as john tanner, nervous, quiet, and mysterious. she appears to be a reluctant participant in his company and refuses to answer any questions, which deepens the mystery. the christmas eve is somewhat uneasy for both of them but the christmas day gets better than expected. when john is getting to enjoy the company, she announces that the date is finished and would like to go home and she doesn't want to visit him again. it is at the end the viewers come to know that she is in fact married to the service provider and the idea behind this farce was to earn the badly needed service fee of $500 to pay their family bills. both julie harris and jason robards offer brilliant performances as the two "older couples" trying to spend christmas together. this movie is reminiscent, to a certain extent, of another great classic "on golden pond." this is an excellent movie for viewing on christmas day with your family and it is very highly recommended. 1.

Bettylou sperling |

Family movie

This movie has all the earmarks of a lonely widower trying to adjust to his wife's death. to do what was always done at christmas time he just couldn't let go of until he realized life does and must go on. and that the statement "you're not the only one" rings true, not just for him, but others who might be going through the same experience. julie harris and jason robards make the story come to life. i loved it.

Sue |

I get by with a little help from my friends

I liked this film very much, although those getting older in years will probably value it more than others. it's a reminder that there are difficult challenges at every stage in life, and it can take a strong will and the fortification of others -- sometimes even a stranger -- to make it through. it can be painful to watch, so if you're looking for pure holiday entertainment, this may not be the vehicle for you. but if you unwrap it for the gift that it is, you'll find a thoughtful message, well presented.