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The Chronicles of Narnia Audio Collection: Performed by Professional Actors

Bixodoido |

Enter the magical realm of narnia--you'll never be the same

Cs lewis was a master storyteller, and these seven fine children's books are some of the best young fiction of the twentieth century. they take place in narnia, an enchanted world full of talking creatures and magical adventures at every turn. follow the adventures of several children as they seek to do good in the land of narnia, and as they are encouraged by the lion aslan. the story of each of these books is enthralling, and the overall world of narnia is lively and fantastic. each of these books is also full of christian symbolism, from aslan (a christ-figure) down to the moral values each of the children learns in this magical land. in order of publication (different from the chronological order of this set), the books are: the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. this is the beginning of all the adventures, in which four children enter narnia and try to defeat an evil witch. here, aslan makes the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit of another. prince caspian. hundreds of years after the first book, the children return to find the land much changed. caspian's world (he is the heir to the narnian throne) is one of skepticism, in which many people refuse to believe in aslan, or in his powers. the children must help caspian reclaim his right to the throne of narnia. the voyage of the dawn treader. edmund and lucy (from the first books) journey with their cousin eustace to narnia to travel with caspian in his quest for the edge of the world. here aslan reveals himself further to the children. this is an odyssey-like adventure, and very entertaining. the silver chair. eustace, along with jill, a classmate, journey to narnia to help find caspian's kidnapped son. they encounter many hardships and adventures along the way, and seek the prince with the aid of their friend puddleglum, a pessimistic creature called a mud-wiggle. the horse and his boy. this book takes place shortly after the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. its story has little to do with the overall history of narnia, but it is a very entertaining side adventure, which enriches the world of narnia and makes it a more realistic setting for the rest of the novels. the climax is a crusade-like battle between followers of aslan and the calormenes, pagan worshippers of a false deity. the magician's nephew. this book takes place much before the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. the heroes here are digory kirke and polly plummer, the first children to visit narnia. this book outlines the creation of narnia, and the 'fall' of that magical realm. the last battle. the world of narnia is coming to an end. a false aslan is abroad in the land, and the people (and beasts) struggle to follow what they think is the truth. this is the apocalypse of narnia, the end of the world. the christian references in this one are especially prominent. one of the most intriguing things about cs lewis's fiction is that he believed that christianity could be taught through fantasy, or "fairy stories," as jrr tolkien called them. throughout this series, there are many references to christianity, and these books truly do fulfill their purpose of entertaining children while teaching them good moral values at the same time. this is the dual purpose of the books, and this is what has made the chronicles of narnia constantly popular among both children adults, and what will make them classic stories for many years to come.

Cheryl t. blalock |

Great read

Love these books. they make me feel like a child again going on an adventure. reading these as an adult, i can see the spiritual undertones of these books.

K. swenson |

Exciting page turner

This book is perfect for all ages. my son and i loved trying to find the biblical references from genesis to revelation.