Brand : Jean M. Auel

The Clan of the Cave Bear

Harvi |

Earths children

I am re-reading this book. first read it more than 25 years ago. fascinating as are the rest of jean auel's series. very well researched and interesting


Execellent book!!!!

This book is one of the most enertaining, breath-taking, and intruiging books i have ever read. once you start to read this book you will not want to put it down.

Kathleen m. |

Amazing series

I have difficulty putting into words just how much each of the earth's children books have transformed my way of thinking. auel's ability to create characters who use our natural resources for the greatest good has strong appeal. each book has spun a world of reality-based fantasy which can guide how we see the world today. the world of ayla, the clan, and the others is one in which everyone should enter... and decide to stay.