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The Complete Vegan Kitchen: An Introduction to Vegan Cooking with More than 300 Delicious Recipes-from Easy to Elegant

Jonathan walz |

The non-vegan's vegan cookbook.

That's how my sister, a long time vegetarian and on-again off-again vegan, described this cookbook when i showed it to her shortly after i picked it up. i don't mind, though, because that's exactly why i bought it. the sections on proper preparation of things like lentils and soy products (less common in the diets of most omnivores) along with the helpful breakdowns of different oils and non-sugar sweeteners were my chief draws to the book. i'm certain these could be found elsewhere, but having them all collected in one place has been handy for the month plus that i've owned it. the few recipes i've attempted so far have also failed to disappoint, and the vast majority of them are designed to highlight the joys of vegan food and not just to provide ways to simulate a non-vegan experience -- of course, there are standards like vegan smoothies and "milks" as well as vegan alternatives to common pantry items like mayonnaise. i highly recommend this book to beginning vegans or my fellow meat-eaters who are looking to expand their culinary horizons.

Rose everett |

The complete vegan kitchen

This book is for everyone vegan's kitchen. not only are the recipes excellant, but first part of the book explains the tools one needs and defines the differents between grains, seeds, nuts, etc. it's an education and makes one aware of how we eat, prepare and manage our foods. thank you re

Debra gifford |

Great book

This is a great book and was in brand new condition when we received it. it also arrived so soon after we ordered it that we couldn't believe it. thank you again.