Brand : Alexandre Dumas

The Count Of Monte Cristo (Unabridged)

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Arguably the best book i've ever read!

At first i was only reading this book because someone had recommended it to me. but then, as i read, i began to take my own interest in it. although i am only 13, it was easy enough to understand, and a very, very, very good book. i recommend it only to serious readers, however. i myself am a very serious reader, and was considering putting it down because i was having a little trouble getting through some slow parts in the book. if you think you'd have trouble 'getting through it' then i suggest that you don't read this book. it's a classic story about a man done wrong who comes back to wreak havoc on those who wronged him. i am dead serious that you should not read this book if you don't want either a challenge or a good read, or don't think you'd be prepared to deal with it. it has a complicated interworking of plots, three or four at a time. so don't read it unless you think you can deal with it. if you think you can, then be prepared to read a really great book!

Fcd117 |

A great epic classic - very long, but well worth the effort

This is one of the great all time novels. it is a "must read" for individuals who wish to be familiar with the greatest classic novels. it is very long and requires a real commitment. however there are times when you can't wait to see what happens next. another reviewer had previously coupled this novel with "le miserables". i agree completely. one gets to become familiar with the state of prisons, prisoners, and the corrupt justice system that, in part, led to the french revolution. i would also recommend "war and peace" as a third classic novel about this time and place, written from the russian perspective.

John gillies hawley |

Amazing rich language in a translation

Lots of twists in the story which make it unrealistic but this is more than compensated for by the quality of the language - ie the translation.