Brand : Alexandre Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo (Bantam Classics (Pb))

Mrs. d45 |


This was an intriguing, adventurous and engrossing story which should be read by all. not the abridged please. get the unabridged to appreciate the full impact of this very human tale.

Great uncle |

Don't skip this one.

If you think you know the story from any film adaption, guess again. originally published as a serial it had people lining up to get the next installment. the story of a terrible crime and the revenge it engenders is in a way the grandaddy of many super hero legends. it's a dark story filled with wickedness balanced with hope and goodness and maybe redemption.

James kang |

The only, the best, the original

Really, there is no need to write a whole page of review for the count of monte cristo. however, i'll simplify other users' reviews. this is the epitome of novel. no other can compare. usually, i hate being commanding, negative, or even nosy in other people's business. however, you are missing out in life if you die without reading this book. 1200 pages? easy. you will not read the count of monte cristo, because it will find you & you can't hide from it, homeboy!