Brand : Alexander Dumas

The Count of Monte Cristo in (2 Volumes)

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This is one of the world's great books. its on my top ten list of ...

This is one of the world's great books. its on my top ten list of all time great reads. if you've seen the movie, you don't know the real story. dumas' writing draws you in with wonderful details, and keeps you going with the plot twists, background stories, and interweaving characters. when i finished i was thoroughly grateful i had taken the time to read this in completion.

Paul cernea |

The immortal classic

The quintessential classic of betrayal, false imprisonment, love, and revenge. i think it's no exaggeration to say that this book popularized the wrongfully-accused/prison-break genre in literature and films like "the fugitive". i personally liked it so much i made a (free, no ads) puzzle/video game of the book for the iphone. just search "count of monte cristo game" on the app store.

Fcd117 |

A great epic classic - very long, but well worth the effort

This is one of the great all time novels. it is a "must read" for individuals who wish to be familiar with the greatest classic novels. it is very long and requires a real commitment. however there are times when you can't wait to see what happens next. another reviewer had previously coupled this novel with "le miserables". i agree completely. one gets to become familiar with the state of prisons, prisoners, and the corrupt justice system that, in part, led to the french revolution. i would also recommend "war and peace" as a third classic novel about this time and place, written from the russian perspective.