Brand : Dan Brown

The Da Vinci Code: Special Illustrated Edition: A Novel

Tkk |

Great story... as long as you know it's fiction lol...

Like any fiction books, it assumes any assertions it makes are true with the minimal or no evidence at all just because someone hypothesized it, thus the controversy with christians. but as long as you know that this is fiction (or make believe story), it is a great book. plenty of fictional books create it's own world and rules in order to make story work and this book isn't exception from that. i love the plot and the way it unfolds. very good story telling with good pace. it certainly was a page turner for me and i could not put it down. i highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys good plots and inventive ideas. this was the first book i've read that was written by dan brown and it made me search out for more of his books.

Brittany b |

I really like dan brown's writing style

I really like dan brown's writing style. this is the first of his books i have read so far but i look forward to reading more.

Gene t. |

Search for the grail

Start in the louvre and then travel to seek the grail. this is one of the best grail stories told in modern times. weaves to grail and conspiracy theories in and out of the life of robert langdon. a great introduction to robert langdon and brown's "art detective" unlike other reviewers, i am not going to tell you the entire story - read the book or see the sample. caution: if you read the sample you might be hooked.