Brand : Betty Viamontes

The Dance of the Rose

Bronx52 |

Great read!

This well-written, compelling book is a follow up to waiting on zapote street, however, it stands on its own. demonstrating just what love, devotion, faith and family can accomplish in this great golden land: the usa! a gripping story read in one compelling sitting. highly rec reading zapote street first to get the full story. a+. you won't be disappointed.

Carol l. woods |

Extraordinary! heart felt.

The story of a family determined to start a new life in america after surviving such uncertainty in cuba. the dance of the rose is the sequel from betty viamontes’ first novel, waiting on zapote street. bettys’ novel will capture your heart by bringing you in to her life; feeling what she and her family went through once they left cuba, settling in a new location, a new life and much more. thank you betty viamontes for sharing your life with us.

Randall r. burger |


I have been looking forward to this book and was not disappointed . i could not put it down until i finished reading the entire book. the author has a way of making one feel true emotions. sometimes i had to read through my tears. she writes with so much honestly. her remarkable story of strength, against all odds, is truly awesome and inspiring. this is a must read.