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The Day The Earth Stood Still Laserdisc

Rick m. |


The dvd arrived on time in original was just as i remembered what a great movie.i can now watch it anytime i want.

S. mayo |

Still a classic

After renting a long line of sci fi b movies from the 50s for fun, we rented this one to remember what real movie making was like. the acting in this movie is top notch, with patricia neal turning in a solid performance, with depth of character and thoughtful touches. the alien visitor, who could so easily have some across as smarmy and superior, is carried off with gravity and humor. even the annoying boyfriend, who could have been a cardboard cutout of a character, is well-acted. all the lines are delivered convincingly, with the kind of tone and pauses that makes characters come to life. it's *fun* watching it all done well. the special effects are good for a 1951 movie, but they aren't the main part of the story and are used sparingly. the story is a classic, and like all good sci fi, it's more about what we are like as humans than anything else. the movie drips an acid commentary on mil-think, media bias, and small minded hysteria, making it still relevant today. highly recommended for anyone that wants to see solid science fiction - well written, well acted, well filmed, and well edited. if you need an antidote after watching cat women of the moon, it's right here.

Rzca |

Great movie!

Absolutely one of the best sci fi movies ever made. the modern sequel is nonsense and politically motivated - the spanish inquisition has nothing on the modern inquisitors who believe disagreeing with them should be a crime. amazing how history repeats itself. so the old film is doubly refreshing!