Brand : Charlie Boswell

The Dragon's Throne

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Great shifter romance

I would love this future back to basics , add dragons i'm all for it. this author put me right in the middle , she grabbed my imagination and i could almost smell the fresh air . the action and romance was perfect. a must read in my opinion.

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First capture and then love

This book forms the foundation that determines the first part of the story and introduces us to anna and eli. eli is the dragon king and he has known that anna, a human, is destined to be the new dragon queen. he loves her so much and she comes to love him as well. for three months he trains her in hand to hand combat so she can protect herself in case he isn't close by. times are dangerous and it is time to go to the castle to marry and anna to be crowned as the dragon queen. of course there is much more to this story. please read this book so you can really enjoy it as it guides you to the second book in this series.

Taunikka |


I absolutely loved how anna came into her own! she rocked at the end, kicked a** and took names. can't wait for book 2!!!