Brand : Nick Bantock

The Egyptian Jukebox: A Conundrum


Enter at your own risk!!!!

Once you step into the world of hamilton hasp, you will search until you find him. you become obsessed; but it's fun when you involve family and friends.

Allyson |

Fun, and beautifully illustrated

This book is actually a game, a riddle. you have to look at the contents of a "drawer" in the jukebox, and read stories that accompany the drawer to solve the riddle. challenging, fun, and beautifully illustrated. great gift for anyone who loves music and puzzles.

Oxnoprog |

Excellent puzzle

I bought a used copy of this book which is interesting enough to read and look at even without trying to solve the conundrum. however, i was determined to crack it, and finally did after two weeks of puzzling. there are ten separate puzzles to solve which all link together to answer the whole mystery. each one consists of a short story, an illustration of a drawer containing various themed objects, and a set of clues. once you get to grips with how to navigate the drawers, the answers are fairly easy to find. please contact me if you want any help with how to proceed...