Brand : J. Sydney Jones

The Empty Mirror: A Viennese Mystery

R. stagel |

I highly recommend, be transported back in time to old vienna.

A good mystery that takes place in vienna at the turn of the century. j. sydney jones depicts vienna wonderfully, i picture myself right there. the attorney and his criminal expert are hot on the trail. pick this book up and read it you will be transported back into time.

Louise a. evans |

If historical fiction is your cup of tea

You will enjoy the empty mirror! a new discovery for me, i have enjoyed victorian crime fiction set in england and even the u.s. this story of course takes place in vienna, a new locale for me. a lawyer and his friend, a criminologist, follow in the footsteps of poe and (newly created) sherlock holmes to solve a murder mystery in vienna that reaches to the highest echelon of austria's government. a great read!!

Amateur curmudgeon |

Jack the ripper meets mayerling and sissy

Turn of century vienna, a serial killer prowling the streets, klimt, the artist, theodor herzl, the founder of zionism; even freud are involved in this mystery. what more would you want? the novel is actually almost two novels in one. the first part is about a serial killer, and our two heroes', the lawyer werthen and his friend the criminalist inspector gross, efforts to catch him and at the same time free klimt from undeserved prison. the action moves fast and furiously to the revelation of the killer. all is, apparently said and done, but of course it isn't. part two starts out more slowly, sedately even, until the empress elisabeth, also known as sissy is murdered. things take a dark turn as our two stalwarts' investigations take them to geneva, and back to vienna to uncover a plot that may shake the very foundations of the austro-hungarian empire. the day to day lives of vienna at the turn of the century as well as the city itself are charmingly depicted but do not subtract from the action. a must read for mystery novel fans, readers of historical fiction and even vienna lovers.