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The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton

Some guy |

Eye opening!

As a lifetime democrat i have to say that i have no ill will towards the clintons. but this book has been very revealing to me. it's as if the fog has just lifted and i can see clearly now. i'm afraid that i must now change who i was planning on voting for. it will certainly no longer be hillary as she has been revealed as extraordinarily corrupt and dishonest. i'll be looking at obama and richards now - possibly switch over to nader. thank god that the truth has come out before it's too late. what a fantastic read!

Marcus epstein |

Best exposé hillary clinton availible

Since her hubby first eyed the whitehouse hillary clinton's attitude and ideology had made her a fly in the ointment to many conservatives. her possible ascension from first lady to commander in chief has made many recoil. as clinton nears closer to the whitehouse, more and more books critical of her politics and personality have come out. bay buchanan's extreme makeover is without a doubt the best of the pack. as the title suggests, the theme of the book is to expose the many attempts of hillary to remake herself. buchanan goes far beyond the "flip flop" charge leveled against john kerry in 2004. buchanan looks at hillary's constant change in image when it comes to politics, votes, and even appearance. in this she chronicles hillary's unsavory personality, far left ideology and voting record, and her involvement in a number of scandals going back decades. when i first heard buchanan was writing this book, i asked myself "do we need another anti-hillary tract?" we did, but with after reading this book, you won't need to read anymore.

Jeffrey e ellis |

Lest we repeat the mistakes of the past...

The extreme makeover of hillary clinton is a partisan sermon to the conservative choir. bay buchanan roasts "the old gal" for her stands on everything from national health care to the iraq war and foreign policy. unfortunately for the clintons, they themselves have given her every reason to do so. i think buchanan would agree that hillary and bill clinton have lied about so much, so often, that they have come to believe the lies are true and the truth is a lie. whitewater, cattle futures, travel-gate, 911 interviews about chelsea, the vast right wing conspiracy, and on and on play into the hands of those who relish in her demise. the clintons have lied to the press and the public about their transgressions; they shirk responsibility for their corruption. hillary blames a "vast, right-wing conspiracy" for her husband's troubles as well as her own. buchanan asserts that there is nothing hillary clinton will not lie about to further her ambitions. the truth seems to bear her out. hillary has even lied about her name and where it came from! (sir edmund hillary, her erstwhile namesake, climbed everest six years after clinton was named.) the central thesis of the book is that, in an effort to win the presidency, hillary clinton has undergone a phony transformation from the left wing of the liberal party toward the center. her real nature and values and views, however, remain militantly liberal. america is being presented a phony caricature: hillary as a moderate candidate - in touch with and supportive of america's core values. hillary clinton is a liberal feminist, devoted to the cause of left wing economics: redistribution of the wealth through higher taxes and bigger government programs. she supports socialism although it has been discarded onto the ash heap of history by most thoughtful nations. he supports unrestricted abortions. she believes government is the answer for society's ills. she thinks the rightful role at the head of the family is the liberal vanguard (she and her friends) and the government. americans are a forgiving group, by and large. watchdogs like bay buchanan help us remember and recognize the obfuscation of history and be on our guard against the wiles of the enemy, lest we repeat the mistakes of the past.