Brand : Aldo G Gonzalez

The FEEDERS at Night

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What a terrifying experience! told in a very readable, down-to-earth way by a man who knows how to color words and make you want to keep turning pages. do i see a movie in the future? if so, i'll be in line to re-experience the nightmare all over again! must read! a real real scary book. highly recommend it!

Mary |

Love this book

Love this book! aldo tells it like it is! frightening experiences, personal tragedies, and raw emotions! so glad you wrote this book! can't wait for the next!

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Great reading!

I started reading and i couldn't stop till i had read it all! it didn't seem overly scary reading it but when i went to bed that night and turned the lights out i jumped at every noise! i laid in bed facing the door!!! great reading!!