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The Federalist: a commentary on the Constitution of the United States : a collection of essays / by Alexander Hamilton, Jay, and Madison ; also the ... by Hamilton ; edited by John C. Hamilton.

Asphlex |

A still accurate and relevent prophecy

It's frightening how accurate this book is. all throughout the 85 papers that make up the federalist, hamilton, madison and jay state their points complete with warnings of what might happen should things go in a different direction. certainly they were standing up for their opinions and beliefs and of course they understood (and supported) the fact that not everyone would agree with their proposals, but something that we have today that they couldn't experience is hindsight. the fears of a civil war for the reasons articulated came true almost to the number, the reasons why and how and what the ultimate end-result would probably be. the warnings against abusive state and federal governments have, time and again, been bled out with remarkably accurate assumption. the troubles of even so far a distant future as today were thought about and discussed and every effort was made to counter such obstacles with the sheer ugency of ideas. it is tragic that this book has become something of a forgotten classic for the people of today, shrugging their shoulders and presuming that the founding fathers have nothing new to teach us. read on, young america. understand your nation.

J.h. |

Very good quality

The federalist papers hardcover purchased this as a gift for my husband who is into the constitution and rights given to us. as soon as he saw it, he loved it! it is very good quality overall. the photo shown is the outside cover. the actual book is blue satin like material; beautiful! the paper is thick and heavy with lots of illustrations to keep you entertained. highly recommend for any person who is into us history and the constitution. it makes a very nice gift and/or addition to your home library.

Sarah j. wells |

If you're american, you have no excuse not to read this.

If you are a citizen of the united states, this should be mandatory reading. it's as important a historical document as the declaration of independence and the constitution.