Brand : J. R. R. Tolkien

The Fellowship of the Ring

Mike |

Great book

These are the best books i have ever read. jr tolkien is such a creative writer and the poetic way he writes is really fun to read.

Karen c |

Required reading, precious

Although written for children, tolkien's prequel to the lord of the rings is a must-read for anyone interested in high fantasy. far over the misty mountains cold to dungeons deep and caverns old we must away ere break of day to seek the pale enchanted gold.

Egh |

This edition is the best!

This edition is a beautiful hardcover with a cardboard slipcover case. very nice. i had to buy it used because it doesn't seem to be available new. i read out loud while my 9 year old reads along with me. this is a nice book to handle. good sized print. i highly recommend this edition - if you can find one.