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The Final Countdown [VHS]

Amazon customer |

Lots better than i expected for it to be that old

Considering this movie is 37 years old... it definitely deserves 5 stars. lots better than i expected for it to be that old.

Zardoz |

Fantastic movie; adequate bluray

First off, i want to state that i absolutely love this movie--it is in my top ten list. i've lost count as to how many times i've seen it. when i saw that it had been released as a bluray disk, i bought it immediately. unfortunately, i was rather somewhat disappointed in the bluray edition. it is not "thx" certified, and it shows. it's ok, but it's not that much of an improvement over the standard (when viewed 'upconverted')version . there are some scenes where the image is less than good. granted, there are many scenes where the image quality is good, with lots of fine detail, but those offset by the less-than-stellar scenes. (for clarification, i use a panasonic bd60 player connected to a 42" panasonic u700, and i sit about 3' from the screen) imho, the "thx" certifeid standard dvd is amost as good as the bluray. blue underground did a fantastic job when they made the standard dvd; i can't begin to imagine why they released such a meager upgrade in the bluray. it is acceptable, but hardly demo-worthy. i hope they redo it and rerelease it in a "thx" bluray version. bottom line: fantastic movie, you'll love it in whichever version you get.

Gerald hartman |

The final countdown

The movie a time travel movie about the aircraft carrier u.s.s. nimitz getting caught in a storm and sent back to december 6th 1941. with the chance to stop the attack on pearl harbor. with kirk douglas and martin sheen u know it must have some quality they alone make it and interesting mix of talent the video the video is better than any othe transfer of this movie before it is crisp clear no fuzz or noise. it is availble in full and widescreen. widescreen is the only way to see the whole movie the it was shot for the theater the audio the 5.1 mix is stellar and really rumbles the room thru the storm and other shots. there is also a 2.0 mix which is ok but where it shines is its dtx mix it is mind blowing the extras commentary from the director and photographer as very boring to listen too they seem bored and uninterested in what they are saying plus get off topic alot theatrical trailers nice to see but really bad quality t.v. spots more trailers bonus disc if u get the 2 disc limited edition inteview with associate producer llyod kaufman not very interesting makes u say where are the stars who cares about producers interviews with jolly rogers f-14 squadron more fluff with nothing to really do with the movie poster and still gallery always a pointless feature kirk douglas bio the bright spot of the extras not really much to do with the movie but a great look at kik dvd-rom feature zero pilot journal more just fluff not really interesting