Brand : Joe Hill

The Fireman: A Novel

Trundlebike |

Great sci-fi/fantasy

An interesting central plot device which the author uses to full advantage as the story progresses. the characters, both protagonists and antagonists, are vivid and well developed. all in all a very memorable read.

Marianne lacey |

Good read

Hard starting. not sure i could read it. after the first few chapters i was hooked. one thing i took from the book was that a persons beauty truly comes from within! look for movie and sequel.

L. scott brown |

So much different than i was expecting.

So much different than i was expecting. a very good first person end of the world story. you don't know everything that is happening beyond the parts that you can see or the people you interact with. i really enjoy joe hill's writing. . (maybe read this next part after you finish the book) . . . . don't miss reading through the 'credits' of the book, you might miss something.