Brand : Frank Amonte

The First Saturday in May

Jcees |

One of the best

At the beginning of playing the dvd, i was disappointed and couldn't understand why it was rated so highly. it wasn't long before i was so glad i purchased it. it is quite an emotional and exciting ride. i think it's a must see for all racing enthusiasts and horse lovers. i'm certainly going to watch it again and probably more than once.

Sandra l. courson |

Raceing fans enjoy

Great story about the kentucky derby. mostly about the best five horses in 2006. all handicappers will enjoy this movies and horse lovers as well. highly recommend.

Ellzeena |


I've been watching the kentucky derby since i was ten years old. honestly, i stopped watching the races after barbaro's breakdown in the preakness which is a tragic part of this documentary. there are many issues regarding the ethics of how we (humans) use and interact with other living creatures on this planet of ours, one of them being (obviously) the thoroughbred horse. if (huge "if") these horses are "correct" in type and temperament, they want to run, they need to run, but why should they? larger question than i can answer and certainly not part of the review of a dvd. happily (for me, anyway) barbaro's breakdown was not part of this dvd; bad enough we already know the tragic outcome. what was part of it was a brief interlude with barbaro (then recovering, just prior to his euthanasia) and an owner, who seemed genuinely concerned and obviously spent an enormous amount of money to save this horse's life. i wonder what happened to achilles of troy, who also broke down (with a torn tendon) during one of the races portrayed: did his owners kill him (i.e., euthanize) because of this injury? there are many, many owners who do just this: use the horse with obvious and ubiquitous threat of serious injury then end its life when its "racing career" is over. this is an indictment of our species, in my opinion. if you have an interest in horse racing, then you must know how important the kentucky derby is to everyone involved. this documentary was exceptionally well done, despite the heart rending conclusion: would barbaro have achieved the triple crown? jazil was a come-from-behind horse and loved the distance of the belmont: would he have beat barbaro because of these things? we'll never know.