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The Five Love Languages for Singles (Chapman, Gary) by Gary Chapman (2004-09-01)

Oiroa kaihau |

A marriage strategy that is worth considering

I have often wondered what it is that punches my wife's buttons but so far that has remained elusive. i thought there was no harm in reading this book to derive some insights that i could potentially harness. i think the philosophy articulated in this book is certainly rational and logical and it struck a chord with me. i only wish that i had read it a number of years ago. perhaps i would have been a far better husband? the five languages is a simple and easy book to read and one that has armed me with a strategy that i can try to help resolve differences between my partner and i. while it is not a guarantee to keeping any relationship going, it at least provides a tool to help others help themselves. the questionnaire in the back of the book will enable you to determine what your primary and secondary love language is. in addition the book provides a number of faq, which help reinforce the books key messages. i would recommend this book to others even if their marriage was not in trouble. in this case i would classify this as a risk mitigation strategy.

Mary jo rainer |

Wonderful book

Everyone, young, old, single or married should read this book. very informative and lots of insight into how we each have our own love language that maybe our partner, family, or friends may not recognize. lots of helpful information for every reader.

Mmdolphingirl |

This is a very short and easy to read book that explains how there are basically ...

I work as a counselor, and often see couples that are having difficulty communicating, and feeling "unloved" by their spouse. this is a very short and easy to read book that explains how there are basically 5 different ways people show their love. each person may have their ways to express love, as well as their preferences in having love "shown" to them. disagreements and feeling "unloved" can come not understanding that your partner really is showing love, just does it in different ways. your partner can also learn your style. the most important thing i learned from this book, was that it is important to recognize, appreciate what your partner is doing, as well as being able to have a dialogue about how each person may want love expressed a little differently. great examples were some people love cards, gifts, and flowers, while others feel loved when their is physical warmth and affection. still others feel loved when their partner really helps around the house, or repairs things to make life easier. i believe this book can help enhance beginning relationships to learn about each other's styles, as well as perhaps to save relationships that are on the brink. i know many people who have read this book, and it helped tremendously. i will order it again, continue to use it in my therapy practice, and use it in my personal life!