Brand : Hugh Jackman

The Fountain (2006)

Worawit tepsan |

Almost close

The movie is boring and confusing at the beginning of it and i almost closed it. but after watching until the end, it is worth to see. it is full of philosophy of life. it is a great movie which teach me that everyone can not avoid suffer and death.

Zackary james goterch |

Takes a little bit to get into, but a very good film overall.

Hugh jackman does a very good job portraying the roles of three different people with the same goal: to cheat death and look for the tree of life. a very emotional film, especially when izzy dies from brain cancer just as a breakthrough is reached, and then when the conquistador drinks from the tree of life and inevitably dies from the vegetation coming from his body. the film sends a clear message: death can only be postponed, not prevented. the musical score was also phenomenal, and the best part of the music was the strong accompaniment by mogwai. made a huge impact on the film score like no other band could. five stars!

Apple |


This movie absolutely blew my mind. i wasn't even nearly prepared for it. i never thought of death like this... i pretty much cried for about two hours continuously after watching it. i can understand that many people may not like this movie because they don't understand it. just be patient, have an open-mind, and think about life as a whole.