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The Giver | Phillip Noyce's | NON-USA Format | Region B Import - Australia

Aerielle |

Thought provoking

Much thought went into the making of this movie. very subtle yet subliminal meanings in much of the movie that i loved. the movie is based off of how a society/humanity is brainwashed into thinking, doing and feeling a certain way -- very thought provoking.

Jamie k |

But i loved the book (as a pre-teen and as an adult) ...

I had very low expectations for this film because of the reviews, but i loved the book (as a pre-teen and as an adult) so i really wanted to give the movie a chance. i thought the movie captured the essence of the book beautifully. is it exactly like the book? no. is it as action packed as other recent ya movies? no -- but it doesn't need to be -- the tone of the film is meant to stand out from those other movies. the acting and cinematography were the highlights for me. not an oscar winning movie but certainly a beautiful, thought-provoking film depiction of lois lowry's unique story.

Amazon customer |

Escape from semi-dystopia

If you like orwellian, dystopian, type sci-fi, you`ll enjoy this. if you're paranoid about exaggerated egalitarianism you`ll also like it. what i liked about it is that it showed the good sides of dystopia. the mistake many movies make is showing it as "all bad", as if humans would ever choose an "all bad" system of goverance. i also liked it for the good acting, good scenery and settings, and the good acting by meryl streep and jeff bridges. the content is nothing new to any sci-fi buff, but it does this particular genre well. the use of color to denote emotions or lack thereof was a good idea. the ending was a little rushed. nobody likes a drawn out movie but this could have benefited from an extra 15 minutes. the makers could have made the movie a little more gritty as well. i give it 5 stars anyway because it kept my full attention throughout.