Brand : Richard Dawkins

The God Delusion

Principessa |

Well argumented and full of interesting information, worthy of its reputation

I don't know what took me so long but boy was it worth the wait. this is a brilliantly argumented and also very entertaining book. i found dawkins's criticism of institutionalised religion well justified and, unfortunately, still as relevant and as much needed (if not more) as 10 years ago. the book gives a lot of food for thought, while his passion for science and almost poetic language writing about it make for an even more enjoyable read. definitely recommended - to everyone.

Owen everard james |

For nearly all my adult life i have been an ...

For nearly all my adult life i have been an agnostic. richard dawkins' "the god delusion" cured me. i am now an unapologetic, contented atheist. the work is as riveting as any irresistable detective, crime solving novel. the sequence of history, logic, evidence and the very senseless words, opinions and behavior of believers themselves lead to a single, unquestionable conclusion: the idea of god is not simply indefensible but downright dangerous and harmful in so many ways. one must wonder just how long will civilization continue to willingly grant religion excessive deference and privilege when these are never granted to any other aspect of human culture. this unusual behavior supports the absolutely irrational, illogical claim of all religions to unfalsifiability. even if one were to give the idea of god the benefit of the doubt, as stephen hawkins contends, nothing in our human existence or the existence of the entire universe indicates the slightest need for such an entity. believers choose to believe blindly in their contentment to walk by faith rather than by sight. as i tell my religious friends, this is quite ok by me since whatever is of comfort to me brethren makes my brethren of comfort to me. on this basis religion may serve some meaningful purpose.

Alberto viveros |

Just marvelous

I use to be catholic. since long time ago i stop believeing. dawkins wrote in his books in a very eloquent way what many of us think about the hypocrisy of religions. everybody, everywhere should read this book before getting involved with any religion or sect. bravo richard !! bravo !!