Brand : Richard Dawkins

The God Delusion Unabridged CD edition

Sigrid macdonald |

Brilliant, provocative and scary

I absolutely adored this critique of religion by richard dawkins. he is a preeminent scholar who backed up his arguments against the existence of god, or rather the probability of the existence of god, beautifully. dawkins also made a compelling argument for the fact that religion is not simply a benign preference that one adopts; it can be and is indeed frequently used to justify sexism, homophobia, territorial disputes and futile, bloody wars. it seems politically correct nowadays to separate fundamentalist religions from the mainstream, in particular when we are talking about muslims; however, dawkins argues that all religion is a form of fanaticism because it's based on myth and compulsion. he talks about how frequently we overlook the fact that suicide bombers truly believe that they will be rewarded in the hereafter for their heinous deeds. the only complaint that i, as an agnostic, would have about the god delusion is that it offers no solace. dawkins seems to find comfort in science and the evolutionary theory but i don't and i don't imagine that a terminal cancer patient would either. that's not to say that fear of mortality justifies a belief in a higher being whose presence we can't confirm -- it is to say that i understand why people embrace the concept even if it runs contrary to what we know scientifically. sigrid macdonald ottawa, ontario

S. stanicki |

Better than i expected

I have read several of dawkins' books, and i like them all. this one is no different, and perhaps the one i like most. what surprised me is that expected an atheistic rant from him, but as a read the whole book it turned out to be more of a study of atheism as seen through human nature, science, and philosophy.

Connor |

Answers questions if only to propagate more

As an atheist, this book further solidified my understanding of the world, but at the same time exposed me to different questions and ways of thinking i had previously not even fathomed. regardless of religious beliefs, this book opens one's eyes to another way of thinking, whether you agree with it or not. i highly recommend this book.